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Arcade Classics Centipede / Missle Command (Genesis)

Arcade Classics Centipede / Missle Command (Genesis)
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Two of the greatest games to ever come out of an arcade have made their way onto one amazing cartridge: ARCADE CLASSICS: Centipede & Missile Command. While both games utilized a trac-ball controller in the arcades, the Genesis controller does a fine job of taking you back to the days of acid-washed jeans and the height of Wham!'s popularity. In CENTIPEDE, you're up against an angry insect that is out to destroy you. In your laser-equipped pod, you'll face off with the beast as it makes its way toward you at the bottom of the screen. Use the mushrooms planted on the screen to your advantage to divert the centipede into your awaiting flurry of gunfire! In MISSILE COMMAND, the fate of six cities is in your hands. Armed with three missile sites, you've got to defend them against incoming ICBM missiles that are rapidly falling from the sky. Choose which base to fire from, but keep an eye on your ammo, or your base (and the surrounding cities) will be sitting ducks! As an added bonus, the all-time classic PONG is also included!

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HEhHdcdvqoYCe by Bamara 25 Apr 2012
Two of the greatest Atari games on one cartridge. I love these games