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Baseball Simulator 1000 (NES)

Baseball Simulator 1000 (NES)
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Baseball Simulator 1,000 is a pretty good baseball game from the early 1990's. Generally, there are two typical NES graphics for baseball games: RBI Baseball/Major League Baseball overhead style and Bases Loaded behind-the-pitcher style. This game uses the former and does it well. What gives this game an edge is the graphical locations and special techniques. There are space stations and grandstands floating in outer space, an indoor dome, a harborside water scene and a night shot of Moscow. Also, when you perform special pitches or hits, different effects are shown, like lightning bolts, flames and smoke.
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Great Game by mike g from Ohio United States
19 Mar 2008
Graphics aside you will find it hard to find a funner game of baseball. Its not bad on the nes and even better on the SNES. We used to party to this game like there was no tomorrow. If you are lucky enough to find a game with a working battery in the SNES version you can create your own player names, teams, and special powerups. This game is a classic