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Batman Begins (GBA)
Name: Batman Begins (GBA)
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  • Description
    The bat is back in EA Game’s BATMAN BEGINS. Based on the hit movie of the same title, BATMAN BEGINS explores the origins of the Caped Crusader and his first battle to save Gotham City. The game begins in the Himalayas. After witnessing the death of his parents, millionaire playboy Bruce Wayne’s rage at injustice propels him to train under Ducard, the leader of a secret sect of ninjas. It is while learning the dark ninja arts that Bruce realizes his rage-fueled vengeance is wrong, and he quickly refuses to join Ducard in his bloodthirsty missions. Returning to Gotham, Bruce soon finds himself involved in tracking down the origin of a mysterious hallucinogen that is affecting the city. As Batman, players have a large array of abilities and items at their disposal. Batman can quietly sneak through areas and defeat his enemies using stealth attacks. The Bat-Radar shows nearby enemies and can tap into security cameras and other devices to overhear conversations. Batman himself can perform a number of acrobatic maneuvers. Two of the game’s ten levels take Batman off the street and into the Batmobile. Here, players must take down enemy cars while avoiding crashes. There are also turbo powerups and other items to collect while driving to new destinations. Fans of Batman will find BATMAN BEGINS faithfully recreates the dark atmosphere of the movie and many of its locations, including Wayne Manor and Arkham Asylum. The fast-paced action and challenging puzzles will keep Bat-fans engaged for hours.

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    Fear is Your Weapon Stalk and terrorizes enemies, or strike from above to pick off prey one by one. Use the environment to turn enemies against each other and defeat them before ever joining the fight. Take out an enemy with an attack from above and watch the fear level of his fellow thugs increase
    nteractive environments gamers must use their environments, from scaling buildings and gliding between rooftops, to triggering explosions and unleashing the insane inmates of arkham asylum against their enemies, to bring justice to gotham
    Cinematic combat mixed martial arts combat and devastating finishing moves developed exclusively for batman begins are faithfully recreated in the game with the assistance of the film's stunt coordinator
    The bat utility belt delve deep into the ultimate arsenal of high-tech crime fighting gadgets, including the batgrapple, batarang, optic cables and lock picks
    The batmobile tear up the streets and rooftops of gotham in the batmobile. fight crime in multiple levels of lightning-fast vehicular combat
    Experience gotham city batman begins brings gamers into the batman universe, allowing them to experience the origins of the dark knight as both Bruce Wayne and his alter-ego batman from the alleys of gotham city and depths of the batcave to the twisted halls of arkham asylum
    Epic storytelling featuring a game script by jt petty, the acclaimed writer of tom Clancy’s splinter cell &trade , batman begins allows players to delve even deeper into the universe masterfully depicted in Christopher Nolan’s film.