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Batman Returns (NES)

Batman Returns (NES)
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The Bat-Signal pierces the darkness, buring its image onto the clouds of an ugly night sky.  Now you must become Batman and begin the greatest advenutre ever to leap from the movie screen to your video screen.

Live the hit film in six heroic stages of side-scrolling and 3D action as you battle that feline fiend, Catwoman, and stalk Gotham City's arch enemy, The Penguin.  Use your trusty Batarang and assortment of attack moves to make mincemeat out of the Red Triangle Circus Gang.  With your grappling hook, scale the slippery rooftops of Gotham City in search of the Ice Princess.

Careen through the city streets in the Batmobile.  Free the kidnapped kids from The Penguin's diabolic circus train.  And ride the Batskiboat in a sloshy slalom through  the sewers toward your final showdown with that arctic badbird, The Peguin

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Beat em up by justin 26 Mar 2011
This seems to be the one Batman game that was done on all three systems that were out at the time. The NES version of Batman Returns actually holds up and is the one I enjoy playing the most of the three.

There's 6 stages with a couple of levels in each one. You have to beat the bosses at the end of each stage to progress. This game has a nice arcade style to it. Just walking through the streets of Gotham City kicking and punching, throwing batarangs, you know all that great stuff. The stages even match up with scenes in the movie. Unlimited continues and a password system also help the overall flow of the game.

Anyone who's ever played an old beat 'em up game knows they can be a little monotonous. Constantly mashing buttons taking down anyone in your path. And being only a one player game you have to beat them all by yourself. However, the game does mix it up a bit. You get to drive the Batmobile and Batskimobile. The ski mobile was a nice touch as the other two games forgot two include it. Sega Genesis even forgot the Batmobile.

Batman Returns is just a solid game and the second best to the original on the Nintendo system. It even has replay value. The amount of points you score and the less continues used effect the outcome of the game. So you'll probably want to go through it a couple times to get the good game ending.
If your a Batman fan, or even just an NES fan add this one to your collection!