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Battlefield Hardline (Xbox One)

Battlefield Hardline (Xbox One)
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Battlefield Hardline has a game play and story line inspired by a modern TV drama series. This title allows players to live out their wildest dreams regarding urban recklessness and violence. The adrenaline pumping action is full of car chases, heists, shootouts and much More in the middle of the streets or high above on skyscrapers and anywhere in between. Confrontations between savvy criminals and police forces define Battlefield Hardline. Players can enjoy different modes such as Rescue, Heist and Hotwire. The all new arsenal includes grapples, zip lines, sawed off shotguns and pistols. Cops are equipped with traditional crowd control weapons such as tear gas, semi-automatic rifles and shields. High speed vehicular mayhem includes sport bikes and traditional town cars. The main character Nick Mendoza, a SWAT team member, has his work cut out for him in Battlefield Hardline.
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