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Black Fire (Saturn)

Black Fire (Saturn)
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You're a crack helicopter pilot doing battle with a take no prisoners enemy.  The only catch is that these guys are outfitting their weapons with alien technology. You don't stand a chance unless you fly and fight like there's no tomorrow and if your aim's off, there might not be!

Hints and Cheats

God Mode
At the title screen, hold A, B, C then release C, B, A. Next, press B, A, B, Y, hold X, press Up, hold Down,, release X and release Down.

Level Skip
At the title screen, hold C, B, A, Up, L, then release A, C, L, Up, B. The order is important. While playing, you can skip forward a level by holding A + B + C + Up + L or move back a level by holding X + Y +Z + Up + L.

Nuclear Weapon
At the Press Start screen press UP, UP, UP, A, Z, A, DOWN, DOWN, DOWN. Sometimes it doesn't work at first so keep trying. When it is correctly put in, an explosion will sound and somebody will say "You are fooling with the wrong person."

Playing Tip
Hit the lock-on button (the X button), fire four Hydra missiles, then hit the lock-on button again. It will automatically lock onto another target. In this way you can quickly eliminate a large number of enemies.

Refuel and Reload
I love the smell of napalm in the morning. To get a fresh whiff for yourself, go to the title screen and press L, A, Z, Y, A, Down, Down. While playing you can take on a new load of fuel and weapons by pausing.

If you want to restart the game without getting up, at any point in the game, hold A+B+C and then press START.

Video Test
To view all the game's movies, press Start at the title screen, then press Z, A, Z, A, B, A, B, Y, C, A, C, A.
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