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Blue Stinger (Dreamcast)

Blue Stinger (Dreamcast)
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It's been a long-standing rumor that Resident Evil 4 would be coming to the Dreamcast. Folks anxiously awaiting for the third sequel will do just well with Blue Stinger, a new entry into the Adventure/ Horror/RPG genre. Produced by Climax Graphics (Landstalker), Blue Stinger is already receiving monumental buzz. Second only to a certain rodent, in fact. The game begins 17 years later. Strange things have been popping up lately, with monster sightings and mysterious deaths occurring daily. Odds are, it came from that island. Your job is to find out what is going on, and hopefully, put an end to it. You have the option of controlling three characters in your quest
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NEED HELP by Ethan Hunt 04 Jun 2008
NEED HELP: I've defeated the blob monster past the germ-free zone and I'm sick. I can't use the elevator, I climbed the pipes around, but got nowhere, and I dont know how to get to the stairs so I the doctor can cure me. Where do I go next?

Cheats by David Pugh 26 Mar 2007

$20000 in 20 minutes
Make sure that Eliot has his axe or stun rod, about and about 3 or 4 clips in his hand gun(this is also easier if Doggs has his rail gun). Go to the Bait and tackle shop and kill the creatures that attack you then go out side and do the full axe combo on the monster in the green t-shirt right outside the tackle shop door. This will kill him. You will then attract the attention of a monster wearing a white t-shirt this monster leaps at you but gives you $250 kill him away from the water and go in to the tackle shop and repeat. If you have about 20 small hassys you can get about $20000(no typo) in about 20 minutes. This is easier if you can
lay down the full axe combo on the green guy because if he is still alive he and the leaper will team up on you. If things are getting ugly then switch to Doggs and Blast them with your rail gun. This takes a bit of practice but the rewards are great.

200 Hassy Drinks
Save a successfully completed game. Then start a new game from the saved game file to begin with 100 small and 100 large
Hassy Drinks in your inventory. (The new game can be played with near-invincibility because the player will not have to buy
health items. Additionally, any monies left over will be available in the next game.)

All Weapons
Save a game that has been successfully completed in under five hours. Then start a new game from the saved game file to begin
with all weapons and nine rounds of ammunition.

Bank card passwords
Enter a bankcard password at the Bank of Kirma (across the street from Rat’s Place) to withdraw the corresponding monies.

Bankcard Password Amount
Bermuda 1394 $6,000
Eliot 3532 $20
Kirma 1008 $4,000
Yucatan 1861 $5,700

Big Eye mode
Successfully complete the game on the Hard difficulty setting.

Door Passcode
During the game there is a part where you get the sega game token, play jungle hunter, and win the gaily doll. in that room is a
door that can only be opened by a passcode. incase you didn't catch it the girl says "i'll give you a present, it's christmas eve!"
so the passcode is 1224! (christmas eve's date- 12/24)

Find the Metal Bat
To get the metal bat go to the place where you have to find Jeanene. Go to the room where there is a Goro looking creature.
Behind it there are going to be 2 mutated bats. Kill them and get behind the box where the bats were you will find the metal bat
and a big hassy next to it.

Freezer temperature control
When going through the freezers to get to Rat's bar you pick up an item called an invert key. Then after you battle the ice
monster, there is a place to insert the invert key. Put it in and enter a number between 5000-5999. Put these numbers in
because if you put in a number higher than 5999 nothing will happen, as that is the mode that the freezer was in when you
entered. If you put the number lower than 5000 the temperature will rise too much and it will be too hot. Also in lower than
5000 mode in freezer B you have to navigate a pretty tricky water maze, while in 5000-5999 mode you have to go ove ice
blocks(the ice melts in lower than 5000 mode). Also in freezer C there is a bull in a block of ice in 5000-5999 mode and you
don't have to fight the bull. However in lower than 5000 mode you have to fight the bull

Heat-seeking ray gun
Successfully complete the game twice to begin a new game with a heat-seeking ray gun. The Ray gun, which is not available in
available in any shop or vending machine, fires four heat-seeking missiles.

Hello Market Shutter Passcodes
When you first go into the Hello Market, there are two emergency shutters that you must unlock in order for you to get farther
into the game. When you get to the Emergency Shutter Release control panel, the two four number codes that you must enter
are 0030, and 0050.

Hidden artwork
Put disc into a PC compatible CD-ROM. Open the “Omake” folder to see artwork, sound files and .BMP images from the

How to Solve Problem with Defective Games
If you have one of the games that have problems starting up and you want to play it before you return it simply start the
Dreamcast without a game inserted. Once the main menu loads insert the game and choose the first option (play-run the game)
to start the game. You may have to do this twice but it will work

Lab Card Passcodes
Obtain the Lab card from Rat's Place, then return to Janean. Eliot will give Janean the Lab card and she will ask for the
passcode, enter "0513" as the passcode.

Lots O' Cash
Fairly early in the game, it is possible to gain a large sum of money. This is done right after you get the napalm gun from the

1. Kill the huminoid just outside the lift for $70.

2. Go to map,save,vending machine room and buy arrow clip for $60.

3. Wash, Rinse, Repeat

Mad Mode
Successfully complete the game three times and save the game. Then, start a new game from the saved game file. The phrase
"Mad Mode" will appear next to the health bar. In this mode 200 Hassy Drinks, all weapons (including the ray gun), and full
ammunition will be available.

Unlimited remote bombs (Japanese version)
Press X, Y, A, R, Start, L, Start at the title screen.

Wear a swimsuit
Save a game that has been successfully completed twice. Begin a new game from the saved game file. Successfully complete
and save the game without:

Saving the elevator worker or Devlin
Winning the girl, Big Gaily, in the arcade
Talking to the doctor in the lab

Begin another game from the saved game file to wear a swimsuit.

Help!! I am Stock!! by lovelace58 26 Mar 2007
Help!!! I am stuck! I have been working on the game forever and i cannot figure out how to beat the monster clone of the monster that nephlin fights. Do you know which part i am talking about? It starts out at the tower, and you have to fight off those things for 3 minutes while Janine loads her gun, then you watch a long movie about nephlin going into the shutters and fighting the monster, then you go down the tower and have to fight that huge monster. I can't figure out how to beat it and i'm about to give up because i am so sick of that movie and fighting those monsters for the 3 minutes. can anyone help???