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Bonanza Brothers (Genesis)

Bonanza Brothers (Genesis)
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wealthy and eccentric gentleman hires the brothers Mobo and Robo - known as the Bonanza Brothers - to rob his businesses and his mansion. The reasoning? To prove to himself that he's not immune from the rigors that normal peasants endure. Take up the gun (paint) and adopt the personas of the Bonanza Bros to give the rich man what he desires. Topple the security forces in 10 different locales and stun the guards with paint guns, avoid traps and abscond riches throughout the plainly-polygon designed levels. When the guards fire back, one may cozy up against to wall and watch as the projectile whizzes harmlessly past. A few guards heft shields to block any buckshot so you'll have to wait until they turn and shoot them in the back to knock them unconscious.
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