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Bully (PS2)

Bully (PS2)
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Rockstar Games Bully for the PS2 continues the company's history of creating action-packed games full of humor and unique twists. This time around, gamers are sent back to high school, where they must deal with teachers, bullies, and try to win the hand of the hottest girl in school. Bully takes place at Bullworth Academy, a pretentious reform school. As the classic class clown, players are thrown in with a group of kids that include every high school stereotype: jocks, nerds, cheerleaders, outcasts, and more. Gamers have to survive dealings with all of these groups, stand up to bullies, avoid detention from teachers, and play a good number of jokes on other students, also. And, of course, players have to make their character desirable to the girls. Bully includes many action sequences, and gamers will have a good variety of tricks to pull and items to use. Everything from the classic thumb tack in the chair to shooting spit wads is included, and gamers will undoubtedly come across at least one area in the game that reminds them of their high school years. Bully provides older gamers a great way of reliving their youth and remembering all of the fun they had in high school while giving younger gamers the chance to live out all of their school fantasies, like battling teachers and taking down class bullies.
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Variety of weapons

Humorous storyline and characters that mock high school stereotypes.