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Bust a Move 4 (Dreamcast)

Bust a Move 4 (Dreamcast)
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Bust-A-Move 4 proves that Dreamcast games don't necessarily need flashy graphics to be fun. This puzzle game has been around in one form or another for years, and still offers enough charm and gameplay to deserve a spot on the shelf of any fan of the genre. This incarnation adds a mixed bag of new features and enough play modes to keep you busy for a few weeks.

 is simple. The play area contains balls of various colors, and players control a cannon at the bottom of the screen that shoots one colored ball at a time. The cannon is immobile, but can be aimed left or right, and launched balls stick to those that are already on the playing field. If three or more balls of the same color are touching, they are cleared from the board. These simple rules offer more strategic possibilities than you'd think, and the fact that perfect aim is required to place the cannon shots where they're needed adds to the frantic action that ensues each time a game is started.

Bust-A-Move 4 incorporates a new combo system that makes spectacular board-clearing shots possible, but also decreases the difficulty of the game significantly because the combos happen far too often. The game is still fun in two-player mode, but the developers oddly left out the superior four-player abilities for which this game is famous. Still, with hundreds of puzzles to solve, arcade-perfect graphics (which isn't saying much), and a decent two-player mode, Bust-A-Move 4 serves up plenty of entertainment value.
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