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Cabbage Patch Kids (Coleco Vision)

Cabbage Patch Kids (Coleco Vision)
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Cabbage Patch Kids for the Coleco Vision.  Based on Coleco's popular line of dolls, Cabbage Patch Kids: Adventures in the Park is a cute but surprisingly challenging game that is similar to Pitfall! in that the lead character (Anna Lee) swings on vines and jumps over obstacles. In this game you control Anna Lee, a Cabbage Patch Kid who is lost in BabyLand Park. 

You must help her get back to the park entrance before dark. Be careful, though, because this is no simple stroll in the park. You must bounce on trampolines, hop on moving lily pads, grab vines, jump over cabbages and mud puddles, avoid bouncing balls and flying fish and negotiate numerous other obstacles. Every time you goof and Anna gets tripped up, she cries like a baby.

The action in Cabbage Patch Kids: Adventures in the Park moves horizontally from screen to screen and you can run to the right or left. You start with three lives and gain an extra one for every 10,000 points. Points are scored for clearing obstacles and grabbing goodies (such as apples) and for reaching the front gates. Each time you make it to the park entrance with time to spare, you get bonus points. The game ends only when you run out of lives.
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