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Call of Duty 2 (360)

Call of Duty 2 (Xbox 360)
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Activision calls Xbox 360 gamers to join the battle for Europe with CALL OF DUTY 2. Set during World War II, the game puts players in several different roles as they battle across Europe in ten different missions. Like the first CALL OF DUTY for the PC, the sequel drops players into a number of different characters and situations. Gamers start off in the role of a Russian private repealing Germans in Moscow, then move to the deserts of North Africa as a British soldier, and finally join the D-Day invasion by scaling the cliffs of Pointe du Hoc as an American corporal. Each location is very distinct and life-like, recreating the area nearly identically to how it appeared during the war. One major difference in the CALL OF DUTY series is that it always reminds players they are in the middle of a war. Allied soldiers battle alongside gamers through every level, planes can often be seen engaging in dogfights, and, in levels near the ocean, players can spot naval battles. All of these small details will make players feel like they are in the middle of a massive battle. The game also offers a number of online modes, including deathmatch, capture the flag, search and destroy, and team play, and split-screen multiplayer mode is also available. Gamers who enjoy first person shooters and historical war buffs who enjoy games will find CALL OF DUTY 2?s unique take on missions and the war a fun change of pace.
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All-new, unprecedented enhancements from stunningly realistic graphics to seamless gameplay, thanks to the revolutionary COD2 engine, groundbreaking AI, and choice-based gameplay innovations

Beautifully rendered snow, rain, fog, and smoke, combined with dynamic lighting and shadows, make this the most intense WWII shooter yet

New conflicts and enemies to face, with more tanks, troops, and explosions on-screen, and bigger scope, with a wide range of locales and environments across the European theater

Fight the desert fox across the scorching sands of North Africa as wave upon wave of tanks clash in the desert

Use rocket-propelled grappling hooks alongside your army ranger squad to storm and scale the cliffs of Pointe du hoc against a relentless German counterassault, and slog through urban chaos as a tank hunter in war-torn Russia

Rely on your squad as never before the dozens of allied soldiers surrounding you are fully aware of the changing situations around them, and will let you know using an all-new, context-sensitive battle chatter system. They will draw enemy fire, lay down cover for you, use foxholes and moving tanks for cover, and warn you of incoming enemy troops and hostile fire

Choice-based gameplay play through missions in the order you see fit. Will you decide to play first as a sniper or as a tank commander? It's your call.

Open-ended battlefields allow you to individualize your tactics and choose the order in which you complete your objectives

Multiplayer mayhem -- Go online for intense axis vs. allies team-based multiplayer action, building on the hugely popular call of duty multiplayer modes.