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Carnival (Coleco Vision)

Carnival (Coleco Vision)
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Carnival for the Coleco Vision.  Carnival was, for its day, a cross-platform release that enjoyed a wide popularity that lead to multiple unofficial versions as well. This particular item is the Colecovision video game version. As an arcade game, it uses an intuitive approach to gameplay that lets players pick up a controller and immediately play without excessive explanation. Retro may note the similarity between this game and other famous ones of its era, but a unique feeling is preserved through the atmosphere, provided by the music choice and different mechanics. Carnival tries to recreate the feeling of a midway game where players shoot at particular items for points and others to extend the gameplay. Obstacles exist in this Colecovision video game in the form of attacking ducks and a slow increase of potential attacks as levels progress. This is complemented by decreasing potential bonuses as Carnival goes on. As a classic arcade game, this game can be appreciated by retro gamers and collectors alike.
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