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Carrier (Dreamcast)

Carrier (Dreamcast)
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While tranporting an extremely dangerous form of life,  the aircraft carrier "Heimdall" is attacked by terrorists.  The ship transmits a "Mayday" message and then falls silent. Your job is to board the ship and determine what has happened to the ship, crew, and the mysterious life form.  The members of the species called Homo Sapiens had long considered themselves to be the most important life form inhabiting the planet Earth. They chose to ignore the fact that their extinction would have little, if any, effect on the majority of the Earth's living creatures. The overwhelming majority of the ecosystem was comprised of plants, bacteria and viruses; species that would no more be endangered by Man's extinction than they were by the passing of the dinosaurs. Man, the "arrogant ape" truly existed at the mercy of these architects of our world.  During the turbulent period of the early 21st century, the men of Earth were embroiled in military action over worldwide environmental issues. As terrorism and unrest grew, various alliances had been formed by the groups in conflict. Military action flared, and Man again resumed his destructive path.  In the middle of this conflict an ancient, and extremely dangerous, form of life has been discovered on a remote Pacific island that is being used as a military facility. In order to study this unique phenomena under secure circumstances, the decision is made to transport them to an appropriate laboratory under the protection of the military, using the ultra-modern nuclear aircraft carrier 'Heimdall'. During the voyage the Heimdall is the target of a terrorist  attack. The ship transmits a 'Mayday' message and then falls silent.  Your job as a member of a hand-picked squad is to board the Heimdall and determine what has happened to the ship, crew, and the mysterious life form.  Carrier is a full 3D adventure that will immerse the player in the mystery and excitement of a voyage to Hell. Multiple levels will challenge you as you seek to unlock the mystery of the giant aircraft carrier and its cargo. Taking advantage of the exciting capabilities of the  Dreamcast system, Carrier will set new standards in the action/adventure category.  

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don't pass this one up by Dreamcast Fan 28 Apr 2011
of course the best way to describe CARRIER is to say that it's resident evil on an aircraft carrier but what sets this game apart from capcom's hit francise, is that the graphics are brilliant thanks to the DREAMCAST'S capabilities. not only are some of the backgrounds prerendered, but they can pan in/out on the fly at times.
the concept of CARRIER is more or less like John carpenter's "THE THING" as "night of the living dead" is to RESIDENT EVIL. where u have to guess which crew members have been infected by a plant like organism. the special X-RAY like goggles, not only detect infected sailors, but can also locate hidden items as well. the zombies/monsters may not be as terrifing as EVIL's but they come **** near close. my only gripe about CARRIER, would be, the sluggish controls lack of weapons and of course bad voice acting. but nonetheless JALECO should be praised for producing they're first attempt at the "survival horror" genre.

if your'e a RE fan like me,take a pass on BLUE STINGER and pick this one up instead. you wont be disapointed.