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Chessmaster (GBA)

Chessmaster (GBA)
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There are several options to tweak in CHESSMASTER. You can choose from 10 chess sets including the classic marble set and a set of alien invaders. Helpful markers that show legal moves and endangered pieces can also be toggled on and off. An astounding list of 151 historic chess games have been recorded onto the Game Pak. Each game has a brief synopsis and can be viewed move by move. These battles of wit can be very educational, providing a glimpse into the minds of famous masters from the past. You and a friend can make your own history playing head-to-head with Chessmaster. For basic multiplayer action you can take turns on one Game Boy Advance, or link using a single Game Pak with two GBAs and a GBA Game Link cable. To access a complete set of options, you will need to link multiple Game Paks.
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