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Corpse Killer (SCD)

Corpse Killer (SCD)
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 is a game released for the Sega CD that featured full motion video in a format similar to other games developed by Digital Pictures. Each version of the game is identical except for two major differences. First of all, the quality of the full motion video is better on every version other than the Sega CD version. Second, after the release of the Sega CD version, Digital Pictures created an option to have English subtitles during the full motion video as critics had complained that it was difficult to understand what the driver was saying in the Sega CD and Sega 32X versions.

In the game you play as a United States marine who is air dropped onto a tropical island on a top secret mission to stop the evil Dr. Hellman who plans to release his army of zombies on the world. In the opening credits you become bitten by a Zombie and meet your friends, an attractive female reporter and your male driver.

Most of the game play is similar to other shooting full motion video games such as Lethal Enforcers mixed in with full motion video clips. In the game you moved through the jungle shooting various zombies, collecting better ammo (to prepare for a raid on Hellman's compound) and medicine to help stall your transformation into a zombie.

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