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Crash Team Racing (Playstation)

Crash Team Racing (Playstation)
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The race to save the planet has begun! Crash Team Racing is speeding your way exclusively for the PlayStation game console. It's a multi-player character racing game featuring your favorite bandicoot, Crash and a host of his friends...and foes! There's a new mad scientist in town and his name is Nitros Oxide and he's about to wreak his own havoc on this little island paradise. He's absolutely obsessed with speed and fast just isn't fast enough for him, so he concocts a crazy idea to speed the whole world up forever! Tune your own "wheels", pick up goodies and watch out for those environmental hazards. It boils down to pure racing skill! A key feature is the ability to select from eight of your favorite characters-play as Crash, Coco, Cortex, Tiny, Dingodile, N. Gin, Pura (the Tiger) or Polar. Play against the computer or up to 3 of your friends! Race across more than 20 different tracks. There are five different, challenging racing modes: Adventure Mode, go head-to-head in Vs Mode, Time Trial Mode, Gran Prix Mode and Battle Mode where you can test both your driving and combat skills. Customize your carts! Win a race, receive a Gold Wrench, and visit Lugnut's Garage for a 'tune-up'. Upgrade your carts in three categories: Tires, exhaust, and engine. Can you say Power-ups?! Augment your chances of winning a race by picking up power-ups which have abilities to help you, or slow down your opponents. There are tons of moves: Accelerate, brake, hop, and steer. Rev your engines for a 'fast start'; initiate a power skid to take corners tighter and faster; slam your brakes and slide around quickly-perfect for nailing that tailgater or cutting around a really tight corner; hit a Turbo Pad and hold a wheelie and boost your speed until you let go!
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the password by Tome Janev 04 Jun 2008
Who is the password for N.Oxide?

so cool when y finnsht the game by ilan cohen 21 May 2008
I had playd the game and is was so cool when y finnsht the game.
you saw wat every players job was went jou played the game.
totaly buy it is worth the money trust me



  • Kart-style racing game, starring Crash Bandicoot and friends
  • 25 tracks
  • 12 characters
  • Split-screen multiplayer mode
  • Many power-ups to get edge on competition