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D-2 (Dreamcast)

D-2 (Dreamcast)
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Step into the bleak, snow-covered wilderness of D2 and the horror that lies within. Kenji Eno, the mastermind behind the original D, returns with another spellbinding action/adventure that will keep you frozen to your seat. Laura and a few others have miraculously survived a plane crash in the Canadian Mountains.  As she explores her isolated surroundings, mutants appear suddenly and the game switches to first-person combat. She must also solve puzzles and collect objects along the way. The Dreamcast engine creates stunningly realistic environmental details, like low-lying fog and snow that falls at 3,000 flakes per second. Also features over 30 monsters to battle in an adventure spanning four GD-ROMs, a combination of first and third-person combat and unrestricted character movement.


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D2 is a fun and action packed game by SH 05 Jun 2008
D2 is a fun and action packed game I recomend it to surrvival horror fans.
The graphics are unreal and come close to being as good as Code Veronica.
The only one problem I have with D2 is the main charater never says a word even when asked.Whats wrong with Lara anyways?On the good side there are plenty of monsters to fight along your journy,they just pop out of the snow or ground when you least expect it.The game also has amazing fma movies the will wow you. D2 is definetly worth the money for the crazy storyline alone.