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Dead or Alive 2 (Dreamcast)

Dead or Alive 2 (Dreamcast)
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Dead or Alive 2 features the most advanced 3D polygon technology  available, rendering unsurpassed cinematic quality that will outshine  all other fighter ames. Grab the controls and put your skills to the test with one or two players. Play through multi-tiered fighting stages  set in gorgeous environments. Choose from twelve main characters,  each with signature moves and fighting styles, plus secret fighters!


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Gives Each Character Two New Costumes by Nathan 04 Jun 2008
Gives Each Character Two New Costumes:

In story mode on the normal settings with each character. Then complete it without useing any cuntinues

How to get more costumes by Josh Rosales 21 May 2008
How to get more costumes for the girls of DOA2

Once you've turned on the game son't press anything and wait till you see "press start". Then wait for at least 5 seconds then press the start button + kick button + punch button. When u go to character select you'll see that the girls will have more costumes.

You Have to Be Ein by Chris 26 Mar 2007
First, you have to be Ein. Once you face the opera singer, you will be in some weird place with laser sheild fences. She talks to you about some Elipson project that failed. Once you start the fight, make sure that her back is facing a laser fence. Then keep pressing the punch button until he gives her a punch that sends her flying back. If she hits the laser wall, then the fence will kind of electrify her really fast doing alot of damage.