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Diddy Kong Racing (N64)

Diddy Kong Racing (N64)
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Diddy Kong Racing may have the Technicolor fantasy backgrounds and cute characters (like Timber and Conker) from a child's daydream, but this is no playground. Only consistently good and strategic play will win and advance your chosen cutie. There are 30 courses over five different happy-time worlds, all part of a giant Overworld. Racing is only part of the player's challenges, which include boss characters to defeat, stacks of silver coins to collect, multi color balloons to snag, and yellow floating bananas to gobble up. After achieving success in a series of straight races, you then have to complete missions handed out by the pesky bosses. Each mission is harder, and after you manage to collect enough trophies for them you still have to race cute opponents in a sequential series of races to complete and win the Trophy Race. But there's help in the form of cool new weapons and vehicles, including a plane and a hovercraft. The game is beautifully rendered in all its bubble gum glory, and play is enhanced by the development of Realtime Dynamic Animation, which enables polygons to be more flexible and cover more area of Overworld.

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Tips and Tricks by Jim 19 Mar 2011
Diddy Kong Racing Tips

2X Speed Burst
Whenever you hit a zipper of any kind, or use any Speed Burst item,
let go of the Accelerate button before you use the item or hit the
zipper. The boost should be twice as powerful.
Adventure 2
To play the second adventure, make your way to Space World (see
below) and beat Wizpig again. You'll now have a new option called
ADVENTURE 2. In this mode you have to collect platinum balloons
and all the adventure tracks will be reversed.
Beating Wizpig
To beat Wizpig the first time, make sure your using Diddy Kong and
start the race. You have to hit every zipper on every lap, if you miss
more than one you can't win. Remember to let off the gas right before
you hit the zippers for added boost! If you hit all the zippers and get
that extra boost you'll beat him with ease!
Beating Wizpig the second time is actually eaiser than the first. First,
turbo start and immediately grab the first blue ballon, use it right away
and stay low. (It is very important to make all the turns, without hitting
the sides of the walls and caves.)
Second, grab the first red ballon (low route) then the second, giving
you a heat seeker. You should be close behind him, fire away and fly
high. The high route gives you a turbo boost going into the caves; use
it immediately (it is possible to pull into first going into the caves.)
As soon as you're in the caves, get the first blue ballon on the left, use
it and stay low, this should definately boost you in front of wizpig. Stay
low and don't worry about any other ballons until you see the Shield
ballon on the left. Make sure you get it, you will need it to make it
through Wizpig's chamber. Use it as soon as the space ships start
shooting. If done correctly, you will stay in front of wizpig the rest of
the race.
For the second and third laps, get only the blue ballons as before,
avoid all red ballons, and make sure you get the shield ballon, he
normally will never pass you once you pull ahead, as long as you don't
hit walls. If he does pull ahead, you will only need one red ballon, then
you should be able to pass once again.
Cheat Codes

Code Effect
FREEFRUIT Start with 10 bananas
TOXICOFFENDER All balloons are green
DOUBLEVISION Two players can use the same character
OPPOSITESATTRACT All balloons are rainbows
BODYARMOR All balloons are yellow
BOMBSAWAY All balloons are red
ROCKETFUEL All balloons are blue
NOYELLOWSTUFF No bananas in multiplayer mode
BYEBYEBALLOONS Computer can't use weapons
JOINTVENTURE Two-player Adventure
TIMETOLOSE Computer is VERY good
BLABBERMOUTH Changes horn sounds
BOGUSBANANAS Bananas slow you down
VITAMINB Unlimited bananas
FREEFORALL Fully powered-up balloons
JUKEBOX Adds Music Test to AUDIO OPTIONS menu
ARNOLD Large players
TEENYWEENIES Small players
OFFROAD Four wheel drive
Display Credits
Enter the code WHODIDTHIS and once you exit the Magic Codes
screen, the game's credits, not ending, will be displayed. You have to
push reset to exit the credits.
Key Locations

Dino Domain key:
This key is located in the track called "Ancient Lake". When you start,
go straight. Look straight ahead, you can see the key located on a
ramp right in front of you between two Stonehenge-like monuments
Snowflake Mountain key:
This key is located in the track called "Snowball Valley". When you
start, don't go. Just make an immediate left and go through the path in
the mountains. Then take another right and you should see the key in
an alcove in the side of the mountain.
Sherbert Island key:
This key is located in the track called "Crescent Island". When you
start, take the left path. After the second zipper, lead left even more,
into the water. Go and look at the side of the mountain straight ahead.
There should be an alcove with the key in it.
Dragon Forest key:
This key is located in the track called "Boulder Canyon". Get to the
part of the track where you see a bell hanging from the ceiling. Power
up your speed burst to level 3 (get three blue balloons). The turn
around and face the bell from the "wrong way" then hit the bell. The
drawbridge in front of you should raise. Use your level 3 speedburst
and speed up the raising drawbridge and get the key. (Make sure its a
2x burst, and be sure to jump right when you reach the top of the

Play as Drumstick

To play as Drumstick, find all of the amulets, the WizPig and the TT amulets. Once you've done this, squash a frog in the central area (the place with the red spot.)
Fossil Canyon: This one is obvious. At the fork in the road, take a
left. It's a bit shorter and safer.
Dino Domain Boss: This shortcut is on the boss of Dino Domain
(the triceratops). About halfway up the mountain, after the place
where you go past a large pillar on the right with two balloons, you
should see some bushes on the right. Behind them is a tunnel that will
almost assure that you'll win.
Frosty Village 1: In the part where you go past several large pillars,
go either left or right off-road. You must make use of the three
Zippers of both paths.
Frosty Village 2: You must use the hovercraft to take this shortcut
without losing speed. Near the end, you'll see a large outcropping with
three ledges on it on the right, surrounded by a lake. Underneath it is a
tunnel. Go through it.
Snowball Valley 1: Like Fossil Canyon, take the left path at the fork.
It's faster.
Snowball Valley 2: The other shortcut is not really a shortcut.
Instead, you must grab one of the shield power-ups before the
snowball area. Use it to sail right through the snowballs and gain some
ground over your snowball-dodging opponents.
Crescent Island 1: Right before the tunnel at the beginning, you'll see
a path on the left. Follow it to get a magnet balloon and get ahead.
Crescent Island 2: Using the hovercraft, go left around the pirate
ship to find a shorter tunnel.
Crescent Island 3: Or, you can go on the ship and go on the right
path next to the tunnel. Then hop right to go through the hole.
Crescent Island 4: The last shortcut here is found after the pirate
ship. On the final turn before the end, make a powerslide/hop right to
go around the pillar on the right. It's a great way to win at the last
second(and it contains a Silver Coin).
Whale Bay: Use the whale near the beginning to jump over the
pirate's ship and get a magnet power-up and jump ahead of you foes.
Pirate's Lagoon: Near the end, use the Zipper to jump the ramp and
get a Turbo power-up.
Windmill Plains: Go through the windmills at the beginning. Both of
them contain a Zipper and a Magnet power-up.
Boulder Canyon: In the area after the indoor waterfall, you will see a
red balloon on the left and a green one on the right, leading to the rest
of the track. But grab the red one and you'll find a hidden tunnel
behind it. It contains two coins and is shorter.
Greenwood Village: Near the beginning, you'll go through a village
area. You should see a well. Hit the brakes as you approach it and
drive over it. You should fall down to a tunnel with a Zipper in it. This
is the shortcut.
Haunted Woods: At the fountain in the village area, take a right. It
looks longer, but it gets you to the tunnel a bit faster (and it contains a
Silver Coin.)
Sherbet Island Boss/Boulder Canyon: In both of these races, you
should gain some speed if you hop over the logs with the hovercraft at
the right angle. Be careful, if you go at the wrong angle, you'll crash
into the log and lose speed!

Space World

To visit Space World, you must beat WizPig and get all of the
Trophies and Amulets. Once you've done that, go to the sign by the
lighthouse and honk at the sign near it. The lighthouse will transform
into a rocket and into space.
Turbo Boost

After the announcer says "Get Ready" and the words start to
disappear at the start of a race, press the A button. You will get a
turbo boost. This helps dramatically in your racing success!

  • This unique game blends adventure and racing like no other game!
  • Roam anywhere you want on the island by car, plane or hovercraft!
  • An enormous amount of single-player and multi-player modes!
  • Feel the action when you use the N64 Rumble Pak and save your times on the N64 Controller Pak!