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Dino Crisis (Playstation)

Dino Crisis (Playstation)
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Dr. Edward Kirk, the world's most brilliant scientist, is thought to be working on the ultimate clean fuel source. However, there has not been any communication from Kirk's lab on Ibis Island. A group of special-forces soldiers infiltrates the lab, and must try to bring Kirk back alive. Little do they know something has gone tragically wrong. You take the role of Regina, and with some help from Rick, the communications officer, you'll explore 3D environments to find clues about the lab's true purpose. You'll also have to solve puzzles on the way to rescuing the good doctor. If you should be attacked by raptors, pteradons, or a tyrannosaurus rex, drive them away with a .9 mm pistol, shotgun, grenades, and poison darts. Only by using both brain and brawn will Regina be able to escape the DINO CRISIS.
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This Is a really good game by Pheobe Halliwell 22 May 2008
This Is a really good game. It's Exciting the whole way through.
I am having some touble though. I went Into Dr.Kirk's secret lab, came out
and Dr.Kirk had trapped Gail and Regina Inside. I got past the code and went with Rick's choice of going through the Emergancy Hatch. If anyone knows how 2 get through the hatch can u please E-mail me and tell me cause I don't have a chip to open It and there Isn't any around. Thanks.
If your having trouble and u want 2 E-mail me u can. I hope I can help.

this game is great by Peter 18 Apr 2007
this game is great I bought it about 3 days ago and was a little worried that i wasted my money but I didn't