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Disney Magical World (3DS)
Name: Disney Magical World (3DS)
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  • Description
    Disney Magical World immerses children and adults into a unique fantasy land where they will meet and explore with all of their favorite Disney characters. Players are even able to completely customize their characters in Disney-themed outfits and accessories. Throughout the game, players will make their way into a wide variety of different Disney-themed areas including the popular Cinderella's Castle within the Magic Kingdom. Visit Wonderland with Alice and make a stop at the Mad Hatter's Tea Party, play outside with Donald and Goofy, head to Agrabah where you will meet Aladdin and Princess Jasmine, help Minnie and Daisy to create fabulous bows and much More. In Disney Magical World, you will help different Disney characters to solve their specific problems in their own worlds. As you complete tasks and offer help, you will gain Disney character cards. From planting crops in garden to managing your own cafe, there's lot to see, explore and enjoy while playing Disney Magical World.

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