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Donkey Kong (Coleco Vision)

Donkey Kong (Coleco Vision)
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Donkey Kong for the Coleco Vision.  Based on the 1981 Nintendo Arcade game (which introduced a certain Italian plumber), Donkey Kong for the ColecoVision was the pack-in game with ColecoVision consoles. It features three of the four levels from the Arcade game: Ramps, Rivets and Elevators. The Conveyer Belt level is conspicuously absent. The storyline involves an ape who has kidnapped Mario's girlfriend and taken her to the top of a partially completed building. As Mario, you must rescue your girl again and again.

In the Ramps stage, you must walk and climb up a series of ramp-like girders and vertical ladders, jumping over and dodging barrels (which are thrown by Donkey Kong who is at the top of the screen) and fire balls. If you want, you can grab a hammer (two are on the screen) for a limited time and break open the barrels for extra points. When you reach the top of the building where your girlfriend is waiting, you move on to the next level.

In the Rivets stage, you must pull up six rivets all the while avoiding (or destroying with hammers) fireballs and barrels. The girders in this stage are horizontal.

In the Elevators stage, you must ride a couple of girder elevators and walk and climb on a series of girders and ladders until you make it to the top of the screen. Once again there are fireballs and barrels. In both the Rivets and Elevators stages, you can grab a hat, a purse and an umbrella for extra points.
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