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Donkey Kong Country (GBC)

Donkey Kong Country (Gameboy Color)
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Thought to be ahead of its time on SNES years ago, suffice it to say Donkey Kong Country is way, way ahead of its time on Game Boy Color! Donkey Kong's precious banana hoard has been stolen by the evil King K. Rool and his pack of reptilian Kremlings. DK won't stand for that, so he sets out to recover his yellow gold and teach the Kremlings a lesson they won't soon forget. By DK's side is his somewhat smaller and more agile buddy, Diddy Kong. Together, they'll work through a huge world packed with friends, enemies, secrets, and bananas. This one-player side-scrolling platformer retains every level, secret, and gameplay element from its 16-bit brother if it was in the SNES game, it's in here too. Add in some special bonuses not found in the original, and graphics that are among the best Game Boy Color has to offer, and you've got a surefire winner on your hands.
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