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Donkey Kong (N64)

Donkey Kong 64 (N64)
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K. Rool is back and he has ape-napped the Kongs! Now, only Donkey Kong is left to rescue the Kongs and retrieve his prized collection of Golden Bananas from the evil clutches of K. Rool. Play your way through the massive single player adventure or duke it out with your friends in a battle with up to four players. In your adventure you will have to rescue the other Kongs, Tiny, Lanky, Diddy, and Chunky. Each Kong has its own special moves and unique weapons. You'll have to conquer hundreds of mini-games and collect bananas, gold bananas and coins to continue your journey. To earn those distinctive moves and weapons you'll need to collect lots of coins. But don't forget that to continue your journey you need to feed Troff and Scoff, the gatekeepers, with plenty of bananas! Make your way through places such as Jungle Japes and the Frantic Factory, each area having its own monsters and traps.

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the best sound, graphics, and fun by Rick 05 Jun 2008
This game really does have the best sound, graphics, and fun, but it also has the most awsome Battle Mode! Of course, it's not quite it's best until you get fifteen banana fairies and get Krusha. Aside from the difficulty I had fighting King Cutout, getting banana fairies, and getting the Rareware coin, this game is the funnest game I've ever played.




Fungi Forest Boss by Lana 04 Jun 2008
Fungi Forest Boss
The Boss is the dragonfly (avoid the dragon). Throw bombs at him. The second time, he will use a shock attack. Jump over it or throw the bomb very quickly. It may be difficult to avoid the attack the third time. On the fourth time, when you throw bomb, get into Chunky's thing and get big. Do not use the Power Punch. Just hit him with the regular punch to defeat him.
The Fungi Forest Boss will send a wall of fire towards you after you hit him for the second time with a barrel. It is possible to not take any damage from this attack by hanging off the edge of the platform. It will go right past you and you can give the Dogadon a third hit.
When the Boss takes off and flies after he stomps on the platform (or if you have just hit him), he will throw five fireballs. After you dodging the fourth one, head for the explosive barrel while dodging the fifth fireball. When you grab the barrel, make sure you are facing Dragadon while on the opposite side of the pad where the barrel was. Throw the barrel at him. As soon as it hits him, jump straight up -- as soon as the Hunky Chunky barrel appears, you will be in it. When you come out, take one step toward him (so you are just over the pad where the explosive barrel was) and start punching like crazy while staying in the same spot. Repeat this a few more times to knock him in the lava and defeat him.

I was wondering by Tyla 21 May 2008

I was wondering if you culd possiblely tell me how to get to the crystal caves and the creepy castle.

tag barrel by Joey Kourafas 22 Jun 2007
If you don't have enough health melons, jump into a tag barrel it will revive your health.

Banana Fairy Bonuses 
Do you believe in Banana Fairies? Well, you better start believing in them because they can help you open up some magical Mystery Modes. All you have to do is start collecting photos of Banana Fairies and you will get access to some cool bonus features: 

Find two Banana Fairies to open the DK THEATER. You can listen to the rap or go to the DK cinema.


Find six Banana Fairies to open the DK BONUS. You can play some bonus minigames in the Rambi Arena and the Enguarde Arena.


Find ten Banana Fairies to open BOSSES. You can battle the huge bosses K. Rool sends after you over and over again.


Find fifteen Banana Fairies to open KRUSHA BATTLE. You can control the ill-tempered Krusha in Battle Mode.


Find twenty Banana Fairies to open CHEATS. You can access the DK cheat menu and then really have some fun. 

Banjo and Kazooie Cameo

In the beginning of the game, just outside of DK's shower you will find a picture of Banjo and Kazooie.

Donkey Kong's Special Moves 

Receive the following numbers of coins to receive these moves:

3 coins - Simian Slam 
3 coins - Baboon Blast (Press Z to use the Donkey Kong Launch Pad) 
7 coins - Gorilla Grab (press B to activate levers) 
5 coins - Strong Kong (press Z+left C to deactivate) 
7 coins - Super Duper Simian Slam (Super strong version of the Simian Slam. Allows greater shockwave distance and 

Final K. Lumsy Key 

To get the last K. Lumsy key, you need the Nintendo coin and the Rareware coin. When you have both, there is a door in Hideout Helm you can open with the two coins. After you open it there will be a banana fairy and the last key.

Get the Camera 

First you need to have Tiny and need to have her abillity to shrink in size. When you have all of that, get Tiny and swim to the island that looks like a big fairy. Look to the side of that island and there should be a Tiny barrel. Jump inside and you will shrink. Run to the front of the fairy and there is a hole. Go inside and there will be a big bannana fairy. Talk to her to get the camera.

Get the Nintendo Coin 

To get the Nintendo Coin you need to go to the original Donkey Kong mini-game. If you beat 4 levels with one life you will get a golden banana. If you beat it again you will get the Nintendo coin.

Get the Rareware Coin 

To get this coin, you need to get 5000 points in the arcade game Jetpack.

Instant stop when swimming 

To instantly stop while swimming press C-up.

Original Donkey Kong Game 

In the level in K.Rool's ship, Have D.K. learn the move of pulling a lever (from Cranky). Then go down the crates, left, up a rope (that's wooden), then follow the pipes to a room with a lever. You will see an arcade machine next to the lever. Pull the lever then the arcade machine will turn on. You are now playing the original Donkey Kong.

Refill Health 

To refill your health, jump in a Tag Barrel to change your character. When you come out, your health will be full.

Replay mini-games 

After you return all 40 of Snide's blueprints he will open a bonus menu. Here you can play the mini-games that you played before to collect golden bananas.

Where to Find All Characters 
Where to find all the characters: 

In Jungle Japes, with DK, go to the mountain and shoot the three switches. Diddy's cage will open.


In Angry Aztec, with DK, first free the Llama from it's cage by completeing DK's Barrel Blast. In the temple you'll see the Llama again. Play DK's drums to turn the lava into water. Swim across to reach Lanky.


In Angry Aztec, with Diddy, go into the temple and jump from one platform to another. Shoot the target across the room, then go to the bridge and play Diddy's Guitar to melt the ice pond. Swim to Tiny's chamber and use Chimpy Charge to activate the letters and spell out KONG.

Chunky: In Funky's Factory, with Lanky, look for a pipe coming out of the wall and into the ground. Ontop of it will be a switch.  Stomp it and Chunky's cage will appear.