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Doom (Jaguar)

Doom (Jaguar)
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Jaguar Doom has the same levels from Doom1 as PSX Doom has. The Jaguar has 24/32bit color so the lighting is much better. It doesn't have the Cyberdemon or the Spider Mastermind. The frame rate is comparable to the PC version. The sound pitch is down slightly compared to the pc version. The music is in Mod format but only plays on intermission screens although it does contain most of the original score. Weapons were selected using the numeric keypad (like a telephone pad) on the standard controller (with overlay to see the everything). Map was also done like this. It has networking capabilities with both DM and Co-op for 2 players. There isn't any save game or password option but you can access any level you have completed from the main menu. The HUD is darker and rearranged, the area is displayed on the right. The ending is similar to Doom2.
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