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Dragon Ball Z Ultimate Battle 22 (Playstation)

Dragon Ball Z Ultimate Battle 22 (Playstation)
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Calling all Dragon Ball Z fans and collectors! This is the DBZ import you've been waiting for! An international smash hit, this vintage Dragon Ball Z fighter features 22 famed DBZ warriors that players can select to recreate epic, one-on-one Dragon Ball Z battles. Easy to play but tough to master, this long-awaited classic offers match-ups from the Buu?, Frieza and Android Sagas. Experience the DBZ game that has thrilled fans all over the world!
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* Buu?, Goku, Gotenks?, 19 other characters - and 5 more to unlock. 

* Distinct fighting moves for each DBZ combatant. 

* A "Build-up" mode for improving character fighting skills. 

* Options for creating a 16-character Championship battle. 

* Single player and multiplayer action. 

* Best-selling import appearing for the first time in the U.S.