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Earthbound (SNES)

Earthbound (SNES)
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In the year 199X, in the village of Onett, on the continent of Eageland...Young Ness was asleep one night when a loud crashing noise awoke him suddenly. As he rushes out of bed and up to a nearby hill, he encounters a strange meteor, carrying a single passenger: a mysterious insect-like being named Buzz Buzz. Buzz Buzz tells him that in the future, an evil alien being known as Gigyas has conquered the world, and the only one who can stop him are 4 young kids: 3 boys and a girl. Ness, of course, is one of the chosen ones...Ness now must find the other three children: Paula, a young girl from Twoson with remarkable psychic powers, Jeff, a mechanical genius from Winters, and Poo, the young Prince of Dahlaam. Together, these four friends have the power to defeat Gigyas and save the world from his chaotic reign!

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Earthbound by Hot Elephant 13 Feb 2008
I know this game is a lot of money but it is one of the best games on the Super Nintendo. If you own a SNES you must have this game and if you don't go get one right now. I would say this is the best game one the SNES but there are a lot of really good ones that I have not played so it's the best game on the SNES that I have played. The story is really cool you hear a crash and go to investigate you go to see the a meteroite has hit near your house but the police are blocking you from going to it so you go home and go back to bed. Then you neighbor comes and tells you he can't find his brother so you go to the meteroite and then to hear the next part buy the game. The game play is great just like other RPGs. If you know about this game you know a lot of people don't like the battle system but I think it works fine. Earthbound is kind of hard at some parts but there are online guides to help you has the best one and lots of other great Earthbound stuff. My final rating is 5/5. Buy it now!!!

This game was awesome. by Jordan 18 Mar 2007
The only game of Shigesato Itoi's "Mother" series which was released in the US. (So far, there are 3.) An incredibly quirky aesthetic (psychedelic battle screens, funky dialog, strange characters like Mr. Saturn) and lighthearted, fun dialog. The game is set in a more mundane world than most RPGs. The music is fantastic, the graphics are amazing, and even the battles are entertaining. This is, hands down, probably my favorite classic game ever. The only downside, maybe, is for the hardcore Final Fantasy geeks, this game isn't as complex as you expect from a traditional RPG.