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Elemental Gimmick Gear (Dreamcast)

Elemental Gimmick Gear (Dreamcast)
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One hundred years after discovery of the Sleeper, something  goes terribly wrong, destroying the city and the people. The Sleeper awakes and leaves the laboratory. As the Sleeper, you try to save the city of Fogna and learn what went wrong.

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A fully illustrated chaotic world was hand-drawn with stunning details. 
3D polygon fight with gigantic boss characters. 
Attack your enemies with elemental power. 
Encounter dangerous traps in the ancient ruins of Fogna.


While digging through the ancient ruins, archeologists found a sleeping man inside an egg-shaped machine. Though the scientist couldn't wake up the Sleeper, they were able to reproduce his machine which people started calling Elemental Gimmick Gear, or EGG. A wide variety of EGGs has been manufactured for civilian and military use. 
Cheat Codes
Regain Health 
If your character has less than 11 points of health, stand on the stairs and get hit, you  
should then get back up to 11 points

Hidden Images  
Insert your game disc into a PC and search around the directories for .bmp files

Extra Graphics & Enemy List  
Near the beginning of the game, use the talk command on the 2 computers to view extra 
graphics and an enemy list