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Extreme G (N64)
Name: Extreme G (N64)
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  • Description

    In the future, people will race motorcycles with metallic wheels on tracks made of twisted metal … at least that is the future of racing according to EXTREME-G. You can choose from eight different bikes, each with unique handling characteristics. After choosing the proper vehicle, lean the twists and turns of the tracks with the Practice mode. When you want some competition, take on the challenges of the Extreme Contest. And if racing is not enough, blow the opposition off of the track in the Shoot ‘Em Up mode, or explore more peaceful pursuits by racing in a Time Trial. If your friends want in on the action, challenge them to races in multiplayer modes like Head-to-Head, Cup Challenge, Battle Arena, and Flag Game. See if you can handle the future of racing with EXTREME-G.

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    Hints and Cheats...

    All Tracks and Bonus Cars 
    For access to all tracks, the Roach, the Neon and the bonus track, enter the password 81GGD5 (American version) or 61GGD5 (European.)

    Boulder Dash 
    We can't get you into the Rolling Stones, but here's the next best thing. Start a new Contest and press R at the bike selection screen. When the name prompt appears, press R again and enter your name as "roller".

    Extreme Speed 
    For the ultimate challenge, try the "Extreme Mode." Simply enter "xtreme" as your name at the name selection screen (Contest Mode) and XG cranks up the speed even more. Combine with Fisheye for some insane action.

    Extremely Ghostly 
    Enter the word "ghostly" at the name entry screen (Contest Mode) and all the track polygons will be transparent. You can now see right through walls and even the very ground you race on.

    Fisheye Lens 
    Go to CONTEST mode and enter your name as "fisheye" (all lower case.) If you did it right you'll hear a tone and the screen will be distorted when you start racing.

    Magnify Mode 
    Enter the word "magnify" (all lower keys) at the name entry screen and your view will be strangely distorted (magnified). Your bike is now at the very bottom and everything will seem huge.

    Mega Jump 
    When you go off a ramp, use the Super Boost then press DOWN on the control stick.

    Play as the Roach 
    To earn the Roach you must first finish Contest Mode on the Meltdown setting.

    Race Upside Down 
    Enter the word "antigrav" at the name entry screen (Contest Mode) and you will finally be able to race upside down without standing on your head.

    Race as the Extreme Team 
    Try out this fun Easter Egg: Enter your name as "XGTEAM" at the name entry screen (you should hear a confirmation noise), then go back and change it to the first name of one of the game's programmers, such as Ash, Greg, John, Shawn, Justin (you can find more names in the credits). Tthe faces of the Extreme team will now appear on top of the bikes.

    Random Weapons 
    For a touch of chaos, enter your name as "arsenal". You'll receive a different type of missile every few seconds.

    Shoot Fergus 
    The programmers of Extreme-G have hidden the face of Probe's director in the game. Enter your name as "FERGUS," then go into the Shoot 'em Up Mode. The drones will now have turned into Fergus's face.

    Slippery Track 
    Enter "banana" at the name entry screen (Contest Mode). The tracks are now super slippery and the racing is even tougher!

    Stealth Mode 
    Enter "stealth" (all lower keys) at the name select screen (Contest Mode) and you will hear a confirmation sound. Now start a race and all drivers should be invisible, but you can still see their shadows and weapons.

    Ugly Mode 
    Enter "uglymode" at the name selection screen (Contest) and you can see what Extreme-G would look like without mip-mapping and texture transparencies.

    Ultra Speed Burst 
    When you go through a nitro haze, use your own nitro for an extreme burst of speed.

    Unlimited Nitros 
    So Extreme-G is still not fast enough for you? Enter the word "nitroid" at the name selection screen and you get unlimited turbo boosts. Try this code with the fisheye code for some of the fastest racing ever seen!

    Win by Quitting 
    Enter your name as "RA50" at the name selection screen. If you now quit during a race at any point, the game will still pretend that you finished it in whatever position you were when you selected the quit option.

    Wireframe Mode 
    Want to know what a Color Virtual Boy version of Extreme-G would look like? Start a new Contest and enter your name as "wired" (all lower keys). This will eliminate all textures and only give you wireframes.