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F1 World Grand Prix (N64)
Name: F1 World Grand Prix (N64)
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  • Description
    Get behind the wheel and prepare for some of the most realistic F-1 action to hit the small screen. Choose from 22 real Grand Prix drivers as you try to reach your top speed without hurtling off the track. The game's five unique modes include Exhibition, a 3-lap race on any track the game offers; Time Trial, which pits you against your own best time; and the game's crowning achievement, World Grand Prix mode, which follows 27 drivers and cars on 11 teams through the actual events of an entire racing season. Seventeen detailed tracks provide high replay value, as you speed from the straightaways of Germany's Hockenheim to the dangerous turns in downtown Monte Carlo. Before you begin each race, you'll pick out the tires, gear ratio, amount of fuel you want in the tank, and the angles of your front and rear wings. The included charts will show you how drastically these changes will affect your speed, acceleration, turning, and braking. Do you have what it takes to get the checkered flag? You're about to find out.

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