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Fatal Fury 2 (SNES)

Fatal Fury 2 (SNES)
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The fearsome threesome is back, primed for even more intense action in FATAL FURY 2. In this second installment of the popular series, you once again play as either Terry or Andy Bogard, or as Joe Higashi. This time around, there are eight menacing opponents ranging from a brutal wrestler known as Big Bear to a gorgeous ninja named Mai Shiranui that will challenge your strength as well as your will. The fighting is in full 3D, so y can fight in the foreground or background of any arena resulting in almost limitless possibilities. You'll also find a whole new list of special moves to master that can spell the difference between glorious victory and bitter defeat. Fight against the computer by yourself or with a friend, or go head-to-head with a buddy to determine the ultimate FATAL FURY 2 master.
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Awesome!! by Brad 22 Oct 2007
Fatal Fury was another one of SNK's early outings and one of the only ones to be successful state side. FF2 was a vast improvement to the original FF because this time around, you could be several different characters besides the Bogard brothers (Andy and Terry) or Thai Kickboxing champ Joe Higashi.

That added a lot more depth to the game. For those of you that remember most fighting games (besides Mortal Kombat) started out like that. The very first Street Fighter, you could only be Ryu, Art of Fighting, Robert or Ryo and as I said before Fatal Fury, The Bogard brothers and Joe Higashi. Notice as well that after they did that, they never did that again and let you be everyone in the story mode?

FF2 was a good title. Lots of characters, easy to play, replay value was fairly high and the graphics and sound were pretty good as well. In any case, you couldn't get tired of it unless you seriously had nowhere else to go in this game (beat it with everyone type of situation).

Cool game. I'd pick it up or if you want to just go for the better version of this game, I would look for Fatal Fury 2 Special. You got to be the bosses and all of the characters were given Super Moves. Check it out! You might be surprised if you aren't a SNK fan.