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Fighting Force 2 (Dreamcast)

Fighting Force 2 (Dreamcast)
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Dr. Zeng is dead. The Nakamichi Corporation has taken over his sinister work. And it's up to Hawk Mason to carry out the dangerous and deadly business of government espionage. 

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some very good ideas by harry simpson 04 Jun 2008
It is a good game and it would

be good if you would make a

fighting force 3. You have some

very good ideas. you should

make a fighting force 3 with lara croft and solid snake


Utilizing an stunning NEW 3D game engine, negotiate through complex R&D facilities featuring amazing visuals and special effects. 

Fierce hand-to-hand combat including deadly combination moves. 

An arsenal of over 20 weapons that will assist in your removal of key personnel. 

Pick-up and use whatever you need to complete the mission. Anything from crates and trash cans to guardrails. 

Real-time character and object lighting for a greater sense of realism. 

Integrated story line, character interaction and plot progression via numerous cut-scenes draws the player into the game world. 

Multi-layered atmospheric music for more interactive gameplay. 

Expansive 3D environments designed for interactive negotiation and strategic exploration. 

An arsenal of over 20 weapons that will assist in your removal of key personnel.