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Final Fantasy 3 (SNES)
Name: Final Fantasy 3 (SNES)
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  • Description
    Hundreds of years ago, a force of evil created powerful beasts called Espers, and then turned them on each other. After years of brutal warfare, their world was left in rubble. According to legend, the Espers destroyed not only themselves, but humanity as well. The result was that magic disappeared forever. Now, centuries later, the world is once again civilized and orderly, and Espers are merely part of the lore of long ago. But after an Esper that had been frozen for centuries is discovered, people start experiencing magical attacks, and Imperial Commandos stage raids with their magic-powered MagiTek weapons. Apparently, magic has been reborn and the world is once again in danger of total annihilation. It’s up to you to figure out who is responsible for the rebirth of this forgotten power, and try to get things under control. In FINAL FANTASY III, the fate of the world is in your hands.

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    The timeless epic. The classic of all classics, Final Fantasy 3. In the world of games, there are classics, and then there are legends. This game captures the hearts of RPG fans and game players from every corner of the globe. No game can compare to the sheer volume and weight the storyline and character development categories provide. With such a wide array of emotions orchestrated through the plot development from humor, sadness, seriousness, happiness, to even some romance. You'll grow very close and attached to these characters, as experience every little event and grow with them through the thickened plot & witness the course of events that take place as you venture throughout this Picasso play of a game. After the game is over, you'll want more, much more. 


    Musically speaking, Is absolutely breathtaking ! There vast amount of songs inare ones that you will come to love and remember, and remember very well. The collection of music spans 3 solid cd’s. If you listen closely you will here some of the songs playing in the background. The breathtaking music, sets the mood for any event perfectly, from saving a Diva from an Octopus to the building up of anticipation in the last level. One of Square's greatest masterpieces, it features an impressive story, a well defined ensemble cast of characters. there's two secret characters as well. See if you can find them without cheating. One of them, especially, is rather tricky to find. 


    Graphically, the game is superb. Each sprite is drawn larger and more detailed than they have been in previous Final Fantasy games, and the colors are just outstanding. The magic spells are a real sight 

    Battle & Spells: 

    The battle system is the "Esper System" in which you equip various espers to learn magic spells. You gain Ability Points by fighting enemies, and when you get enough, you learn the spells possessed by the Esper. There are also a few rare items that can be equipped and will allow you to learn spells, but they are very few in number. 

    In addition to the magic, each character has their own specific skills that they have or learn. Locke, for instance, can steal from an enemy, and with the correct item equipped, mug them. Mog can learn dances from battling in different terrains, which then automatically use attack, and defense abilities associated with that terrain. Celes can use her Runic Sword technique and absorb most types of magic spells cast on the group by the enemy. And Strago and Gau can both use forms of "Blue Magic"; Strago learning from an enemy using it on him, and Gau from joining up with a pack of monsters and then returning to the group. 

    It Begins: 

    Our story begins with a mysterious girl (Terra Branford ) wearing a slave crown and two soldiers from the Empire, all of who are in Magitek armor. They are on their way to assault the city of Narshe. The reason? Reports of a frozen creature being found in the mines that ressembles what they used to call "Espers." They are there to investigate a frozen Esper, a member of a magical race said to have gone extinct about 1000 years ago. After breaking through the guards and a short walk though the Narshe mines, they reach the frozen esper. Upon encountering it, the mysterious girl somehow communicates with it. The Esper kills the soldiers and knocks out the girl while he communicates with her. 

    The girl awakens in a house with an old man in it. He removes the slave crown from her; however, all she seems to remember is that her name is Terra. The city guards, who are still after the girl, come knocking at the man's door and tries to let Terra escape via a back exit into the mines. Inside the mines, the girl ends up falling though a cracked floor and is knocked out. Enter Locke, a thief, ahem, I mean treasure hunter, who is a friend of the old man. The man asks Locke to follow Terra and help her escape town. Locke goes though the mines to find the unconscious Terra and a group of guards on their way to capture her. Luckily for Locke and Terra, the Moogles (pictures on the bottom of the page & top right hand corner) who live in the mines come to the rescue and help Locke fends off the attackers. Averting that disaster, Locke and Terra leave the mines and head south. 

    As the game progresses, you'll take the reigns of other characters, like the gallant Hunter, Locke Cole (he hates being called a Thief), the King of Figaro, Edgar Roni Figaro, his brother, Sabin Rene Figaro, the dark Ninja, Shadow, the Imperial General Celes Chere, and that's only scratching the surface. There are several other characters, each with their own special talents and powers that will aid you in your battle for the freedom of the world from the vile Empire, and their ruler, the maniacal Emperor Gestahl. There are plot twists around every corner, and as you progress, you wonder who you can really trust in the game. Sit tight though, it's one hell of a ride, and when it's over, you'll be begging for more. 


    Final Fantasy 3 features the largest playable cast in Final Fantasy history to the date of this game, featuring as many as 14 characters complete with all of the major characters having masterfully done back-drop stories/storylines with interwoven plots and sub quests. See if you can find all the hidden gems *eggs* throughout the game. . 

    There are two "acts" to the game, the second of which is, for the most part, completely optional. There are also parts when the story splits into different lines, which, although are not played at the same time, take place at the same time. It should also be mentioned that this is the first Final Fantasy game that didn't center on the traditional four elemental crystals, breaking with a long-standing tradition. I guess they figured that they had milked that particular plot element as much as they could. 

    The control is of the classic Final Fantasy style. A new feature of Final Fantasy 3's control system is the ability to control your airship from a rear view. Unlike the past where you could merely control a sprite and move it around the map, using a button for take-offs and landings, you can now raise and descend in altitude and fly it as you might in a Super Nintendo flight simulator. 

    Overall, Final Fantasy 3 is a great experience. I'm not sure that Square has hit that level of excellence in a video game released in the United States too many times before or since. This is truly a remarkable game that will leave you speechless with an initial intrigue & deep seeded desire yearning for more! Get ready for the greatest experience you have ever witnessed, at sit back and enjoy the ride as you partake in one greatest adventure stories ever told. Welcome to the world of Final Fantasy 3, the world of ruin and espers awaits !