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Forsaken 64 (N64)

Forsaken 64 (N64)
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8After a shockwave destroys Earth, the rest of the galaxy condemns the solar system. The only people who dare enter the system are bounty hunters and scavengers. You take the role of a glory-seeking scavenger whose only goal is to collect as much loot as possible and escape in one piece. Search for gold and crystals in military installations, nuclear reactors, refineries, temples, and other locales. Unfortunately, the automated defense systems in all of these environments are still active, and they can complicate matters quite a bit: laser turrets, drone ships, and tanks want to keep you from the goodies. If that is not enough, other scavengers also want part of the action. Luckily, you have lasers, guns, flamethrowers, and a variety of rockets to dispatch these menaces. If your friends think scavenging is for them, challenge up to three of them to a Deathmatch. In FORSAKEN 64, your only goal is to grab the loot and get off the planet.


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Access Hidden Levels 
Forsaken has levels set up in a branching manner. If you beat level 1 in two minutes and 30 seconds or less, you'll  go to the medium difficulty levels branch. Finish Level 1 in one minute and 40 seconds or less and you will go to the  hard difficulty levels branch.

There are two other levels in which you can "warp" from the Medium path to the Hard path. They are "Catch the Orb" and "Power Down" -- (both found in the Medium path). In Catch the Orb, you'll have to chase down the third bounty  hunter within the game (don't pick up the fake golden orb of matter) and once you destroy the hunter, he'll drop the real golden orb. Get it, and return to the starting point -- now you will be able to play the Hard path.

In Power Down, simply make your way to the end of the stage, (pick up a resnic reanimator -- extra life), hit all three switches, then destroy the enemies that come out of the now unlocked doors. Once this is done, the thing in the middle will lower it's protective armor, and then go to the front of it and blast the Red "eye".

(The other way to remain on the medium path, is to blast the eye at an angle while it's armor is still up.)

Extra Lives on the first Hard Level 
First beat the fist level in under 1 minute 40 to access the hard levels. Next do the first hard level. Fly up and right down the hall. Bump the two or three guys out of the way and fly into the tunnel straight across the room. Get the one up and go back. Go down the tunnel straight down. Keep going towards the last green thing you have to protect. In the room right before the tunnel to last green thing is four square holes. Down one of the holes is a second free man and some sheilds and some weapon energy. Simply stay there till it says mission failed and you will be one man richer.

Fast Titan 
To make a Titan go fast, go forward a little, then brake and quickly shoot the Titan. Itll go so fast your enemy wont be able to move out of the way.

Freeze Enemies 
On the "Press Start" screen enter the code R, Z, Right, Right, C-Up, C-Left, C-Right, C-Down.

Gore Mode 
At the "Press Start" screen, press Z, Down, C-Up, C-Left, C-Left, C-Left, C-Left, C-Down.

Infinite Primary Weapons 
At the PRESS START screen press A, R, Z, Right, C-UP, C-RIGHT, C-DOWN, C-DOWN.

Infinite Secondary Weapons 
At the "Press Start" screen, enter the code B, B, Z, Left, Left, C-Up, C-Left, C-Right.

Infinite Solaris 
At the "Press Start" screen press B, L, L, Z, Up, Down, C-Up, C-Up.

Infinite Titans 
At the "Press Start" screen, enter the code A, B, L, Up, Up, C-Up, C-Up, C-Right.

At the "Press Start" screen enter: A, Z, Z, UP, LEFT, C-LEFT, C-LEFT, C-DOWN. You should get a message saying  

Level Select and Battle Mode 
On the PRESS START screen press A, R, Z, Up, Up, C-Up, C-Down, C-Down. The screen should say MISSIONS OPEN  
and you will now be able to access all levels plus Battle Mode.

One-Shot Kills 
With this code, conserving your ammo is easier than breathing! Press B, B, B, L, R, Left, Down, Down on the "Press Start" screen to make your enemies very, very, very vulnerable to any attack.

Psychadelic Mode 
If you have any paper bags, you might wish to have them handy when you use this code! To make the background colors flow constantly, press A, R, left, right, down, top C, C-left, and C-down on the Press start screen.

***This code is not good for people with weak stomachs or tendency to get migranes!!!

Skip Credits 
To skip the credits, reset the Nintendo 64 after the opening credits start.

Stealth Mode 
At the PRESS START screen press UP, UP, UP, UP, RIGHT, DOWN, C-LEFT, C-LEFT.

Unlimited Energy 
At the "Press Start" screen, press L, Z, Left, Right, Down, Down, C-Down, C-Down.

Unlimited Nitro 
At the PRESS START screen push  B, B, R, UP, LEFT, DOWN, C-UP, C-LEFT. After this, during the game you will have infinite, nitro, just hold B And A to use it. 

Wireframe Mode 
At the "Press Start" screen, press L, L, R, Z, Left, Right, C-Up, C-Right.