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General Chaos (Genesis)

General Chaos (Genesis)
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Command the armies of General Chaos against General Havoc's troops in this multi-player action game of brute strength and awesome firepower.

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General Chaos Tips

Freeze Opponent 

Exploit the programmer's error with this hot tip. To take advantage of this bug (and your opponent), select a team with a chucker. While you're playing, toss a grenade at your opponent, then pause the game while the grenade is in the air. Both teams will freeze, but the grenade will continue until it hits your target. Bombs away, lads!

Maximum Medics 

To activate this code, pause the game, then hold A + B on controller 1 and press C on controller 2. While still paused, enter one of sequences shown below to grant player 1 or 2 the maximum number of medics.

Player 1: Hold A + C on controller 1 and push B + Down on controller 2.

Player 2: Hold A + C on controller 2 and push B + Down on controller 1.