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Ghen War (Saturn)
Name: Ghen War (Saturn)
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  • Description
    GHEN WAR for the Sega Saturn.  The game takes place in the future, years after an armada of aliens known as the Ghen made contact with human beings. The Ghen are seeking refuge from an inter-galactic war with a super race known as the Bo-Kyat.

    In exchange for their aid, human beings were given major advancements in science and technology, including a device that makes them immune to all disease. The Ghen also assist humans in locating materials on other planets through the creation of the Sunstar Solar Exploration Station.

    The exploration team, comprised of humans led by a man named Jenners, and Ghen led by Commander Zimon, is harvesting minerals on Titan when our story begins. For reasons unknown, Zimon orders his Ghen to enter their spacecraft and take off. Boxhead, a human scientist, informs Jenners that there is "stronium" activity (a presumably fictional material) nearby. After hearing that the Ghen have left, Jenner orders everyone back to the ship, including the 'Lieutenant' (our protagonist), in his hydro-suit.

    The human team (including their pilot Gina and wise-cracking Akira) take off in their own ship and try to make contact with the Sunstar station. The Ghen attack and destroy the station before turning their attention to the human ship. The humans manage to escape but soon begin a mission of disabling Ghen stronium reactors and thwarting their attacks, with the help of the Lieutenant and his hydro-suit.

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