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Giga Wing (Dreamcast)

Giga Wing (Dreamcast)
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Soon after the end of World War II, it is discovered that a mysterious stone called the Medallion has been the cause of all human suffering. The Medallion grants overwhelming power to anyone who possesses it, which has resulted in mankind constantly fighting itself to gain the power of the Medallion. You've been selected as one of four ace fighter pilots that are about to undertake the most important military operation in human history: find the Medallion and destroy it. Be prepared for a fight, though, as there are plenty who oppose your mission, and they'll stop at nothing to prevent you and your squad from succeeding. You'll have to use your expert flying skills to emerge victorious, but you'll also have your Reflect Force to deflect enemy gunfire. Can four men change the fate of the world and destroy the Medallion?
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