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Godzilla Destroy All Monsters (Xbox)

Godzilla Destroy All Monsters (Xbox)
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After conquering the GameCube, Godzilla lumbers onto the xbox in a four-player 3D brawler starring over 14 monsters from Toho Co. Ltd.'s famous movie series. Godzilla is pitted against such enemies as Mothra, King Ghidora, Mechagodzilla, and more as they fight amidst the chaos of Tokyo, San Francisco, Seattle, Monster Island, and six more environments. Populated regions will send out armies in an attempt to prevent their cities from being ravaged by the hulking beasts.
Details such as moving vehicles, working traffic lights, and more help bring the locales to life, and destructible objects allow for pieces of crumbling buildings to be used as weapons. Basic moves include punches, kicks, jumps, and throws, while more advanced techniques involve using each character's special powers to perform deadly combination attacks. Players can also use the environment to their advantage while fighting, as human armies will focus their efforts on the creature causing the most damage to the city.
In addition to a Story Mode, which involves battling each monster in succession until the player is victorious, Godzilla features a number of other play options. Modes include Versus, where up to four monsters can fight at once; Destruction, which has players smashing as many things as possible within a time limit; Survival, a test of endurance as players fight as many enemies as they can without losing a match; and Practice, where players can familiarize themselves with each creature's moves and powers.
Xbox-specific features include the addition of Mechagodzilla 3, two new arenas, computer-controlled combatants in both four-player melee and team games, and an option to play Destruction Mode alone. New arenas consist of the Vortaak Home World and a giant Boxing Ring. The former features volcanoes, alien structures, spaceship launchers, and more, while the latter offers ropes, bells, and blimps in what is described as the "largest boxing ring in the world constructed for monster battles." Other enhancements include upgraded visuals with bump-mapping, high-resolution textures, and other special effects, as well as support for custom soundtracks.
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