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Hercules: The Legendary Journeys (N64)

Hercules: The Legendary Journeys (N64)
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HERCULES: The Legendary Journey for the Nintendo 64 is a spin-off based on the popular television show, and it contains a grand story and setting befitting the original. The game is a platformer with characters and levels rendered in full 3D, containing locations straight out of the show. There are 12 levels to traverse, from Greece all the way to the top of Mount Olympus. You can play as one of three characters: Hercules,Serena, and Iolaus. Each one has unique abilities that help solve different puzzles, meaning that the player cannot always rely on the strength of Hercules to get through the game. The levels are littered with people to talk to and quests to accomplish, as well as items to find. HERCULES: The Legendary Journey follows the formula of the show and translates it perfectly to the cartridge, including everything from the characters to the locations to the guest appearances by certain gods and goddesses. 


With tremendous strength and a tender heart, Hercules vowed to help the people in their quest for survival. While Zeus, Hercules  ' father, has taken ill, Hercules ' brother Ares plots to take the throne of the kingdom. With the gods unwilling to help the people  of Greece, it is up to Hercules to save them from their suffering.

The game begins with the training of the mighty Hercules by his master Cheiron, the Centaur. This starts the exciting and epic  journey of Hercules as he sets out to save the world. Along the way, Hercules needs to use reason and strength to complete  his varied and challenging tasks. 

 There are a variety of worlds in the game and three different characters to play depending on the location and the tasks: Hercules,  Iolaus, and Serena. Each character possesses different unique abilities that help the player advance through each world. Hercules 
uses his godly strength and magic abilities based on the four elements - Fire, Earth, Water, and Wind. Iolaus uses a staff and  moves lightning fast. Serena?s training with her bow and arrows make her suited for distance attacks.  The three will encounter 
fierce enemies like the evil Cyclops, Minotaurs, Satyrs, and countless Bandits. 

Play as Hercules or one of his friends in this exciting journey. Save the people from the wrath of Ares and restore the peaceful  balance between the gods and the people of Greece.

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Rune of Gryphus?? by John 04 Jun 2008
I need to know how to get the Rune of Gryphus??

For the key to be given to you from the watchtower by Bolas 22 May 2008
For the key to be given to you from the watchtower, you must find the woman who asks for a cookbook. go to the house nearest to the woman. Find the book collection (cook book is there). Give book to woman (she'll give you a key). go to the chest that needs a key on the other side of the village. Get teddy bear aand give it to the watchman in the watchmans tower.