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Jade Cocoon (PSX)
Name: Jade Cocoon (Sony Playstation)
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  • Description
    In the role of a master of cocoons, you must save your village threatened by the malignant Onibubu and fight against a multitude of monsters. Over 150 monsters to capture which can be combined and recombined to create millions of unique creatures.

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    Hey this is a really good game
    by Moly 04 Jun 2008

    Hey this is a really good game and I hope someonemakes a good site on it coz i'd love to look on it!!!!!! About that mystical bird I gotthe secret too and waz wondering what it meant. I have very good minions but have low mana is there any way i could increase it without changing my minions? :)

    by LEXCORP 04 Jun 2008


    COMMENT: This game rocks the combinations of monsters are huge, their 3D, the person can use a weapon. But there are some cons like you only use the monsters to fight and can't be used to help solve puzzles but thats not really a problem. I have got to tell someone i have found out that there is a Jade Cocoon comming out for playstation 2 there will be better graphics two new elements and more that 1 town, and tones more. its going to be the best.

    View secret Minion:
    When you have the list of your Minions on the screen, and are merging, select one of your Minions as the first, then go to a blank space and press the button to view Minion. It will show a secret Minion on the screen, even though the space is blank. This can be done repeatedly, although the game may freeze after awhile.

    This Merge Is One of the best
    by |3lu CoCoon Master 04 Jun 2008

    This Merge Is One of the best merges inbetween where the first forest u go into and the dragonfly forest ok heres what u need to merge:

    ***** BEST MERGE ******

    Get a Skaeeb level it up into level 10 then go to dragonfly forest and get one of those blue turtle i forgot the name then level up the blue turtle to level 10 then go back to garai's place and have mahbu merge them together then once you have done that go back to the 1st forest and catch a skawasp level that upto level 10 and then merge it with ur skaeeb+blueturtle (plus if u want it to look better select the skaeeb+blueturtle then merge that with the skawasp looks much better :) well thats the best merge till u get up to the moth forest.

    by slim_shady 04 Jun 2008

    could some one e-mail me the cook book plez

    I bought this game after playing the demo
    by mark turner 04 Jun 2008

    I bought this game after playing the demo it is the total bomb if you have good taste in games you would definitely play this the only problem is i want to get a list of minions and where to get them from
    mark turner
    ps if you like the style of pokemon (fighting and catching monsters) and the gameplay of final fantasy you will definitely think that this game is totally sorted!