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Jet Grind Radio (Dreamcast)

Jet Grind Radio (Dreamcast)
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If you've ever dreamed of skating through the streets of Tokyo and tagging the city til your supply of spray paint runs out, then Sega's got a game for you. You're an inline skater with a penchant for graffiti, and your mission is to leave your mark on the buildings and cars of Tokyoto (a fictitious city). Living the life of a criminal isn't all fun and games, though; you'll have a posse of cops on your tail, so keep your eyes peeled and your bearings greased. Not only will the cops be looking for you, but you'll be racing against the clock as well.  Jet Grind Radio provides some unique visuals as well: using a rendering technique called a cel shader, black lines are drawn around a polygonal rendering, which gives the effect of a hand-drawn figure functioning in full 3D. With Jet Grind Radio you can unleash the tagger that's buried inside all of us!
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  • Variety of characters
  • Tag a variety of surfaces
  • Avoid the cops and rival gangs
  • Perform big tricks
  • Create unique tags