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Karaoke Revolution (PS2)
Name: Karaoke Revolution (PS2)
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  • Description
    Karaoke Revolution turns your PlayStation 2 into a karaoke machine. With exciting environments, dynamic crowds that applaud or boo with every note and a special microphone peripheral, Karaoke Revolution offers a new level of interactive entertainment for the best karaoke experience. Now everyone can become the next pop star with Karaoke Revolution for the PlayStation 2.

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    Beautiful 3D environments make this the most interactive and entertaining karaoke product ever created. 

    Sing along to licensed hits and well known classics and be judged on your performance. 

    Give your best audience performance or suffer humiliation with crowds that react to your skills in real-time. 

    Become the next pop star as you work your way up from singing on the streets to the ultimate concert venue. 

    Special technology rates the pitch and rhythm of your vocals. 

    Arcade, Showtime, Karaoke, and mini-game modes will keep you singing all night long.