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Kartia World of Fate (PSX)

Kartia World of Fate (PSX)
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From some of the visionaries behind the Final Fantasy series, Persona, and Soul Hackers comes this strategy/role-playing game where players use magic to control their environment. Kartia is named after a card game that the game's characters use to conjure all sorts of magic. You'll freeze rivers, raise or lower ground, and clear fields to give your army a tactical advantage. And you'll also be able to create your own weapons, armor, and phantoms to go with you into turn-based battles--some of which comprise over 20 characters. In Kartia, you'll choose between two characters whose unique, intermingling stories come to different endings. As a bonus, players can trade special items from the game with friends via a standard memory card.
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  • 20 playable characters at one time
  • create weapons and monsters
  • variety of items and weapons
  • 2 different storylines
  • trade special items
  • 2 player versus mode