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Killer Instinct Gold (N64)

Killer Instinct Gold (N64)
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Nintendo has ported their hit fighting game, Killer Instinct Gold , to the Nintendo 64. The game combines the features and characters of Killer Instinct 2 with the power of the N64 to create a whole new fighting experience. The camera tracks the action back and forth over the 2D plane as the two fighters duke it out, giving some great camera angles. There are many characters and locations to choose from, as well as some that become available when certain tasks are completed. The battle system is based on combos, which must be performed by pressing one of the six attack buttons. By using the Tutorial, players will be able to do the most difficult attacks with enough practice. The game supports two players, and each must be well versed in the combat system to be successful. While the concepts in Killer Instinct Gold  are easy to pick up, they require foresight and planning to exploit to the maximum.

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Hints and Cheats... by ICo 04 Aug 2014
All Options
For access to all options, press Z, B, A, L, A, Z during the story intro.

All Uniforms
To enable all colors without training, press Z, B, A, Z, A, L.

Change Colors
When selecting your character keep pressing UP or DOWN to cycle through all that character's colors.

Freeze Your Opponent in Mid-Air
This code entitles your opponent to freeze instantly in the air. After you perform a knock-off on any stage, repeatedly press
any attack button. After your opponent starts to fall down they will freeze in mid-air. This code works best at the sky stage.

Glacius' Killer Combo
Follow these steps word for word! Begin with the Medium Liquidize, then immediately go into an Arctic Slam. On the fifth
slam RIGHT after the victim bounces once, go with the Medium Liquidize again. DO NOT autodouble! When the liquidize
lands, follow with Forward and Fierce Kick. Repeat the Medium Liquidize / Forward + Fierce Kick combination until you
see the victim's energy stop moving (it should be around 60% depleted) then do the Arctic Slam again. Like before when the
body bounces once, connect with another Medium Liquidize, only this time, AutoDouble this one. Do the Arctic Slam once
again after the AutoDouble then for the insult, do the Fierce Liquidize for the juggle after the body bounces once. Do this in
Ludicrous speed mode and it will be guaranteed to bring tears to your victim's eyes!

Level Select
In two-player mode you can select your starting level as follows. While selecting your character, hold any of the following
button pairs.

Hint: If you'd prefer to play alone simply let the other player's timer run out.

Code Level
Up+QP Wolf Castle
Down+QP Bridge
Up+QK Stonehenge
Down+QK Dojo
Up+MP Jungle
Down+MP Dungeon
Up+MK Museum
Down+MK Spinal Ship
Up+FP Space Ship
Down+FP Street
Up+FK Helipad
Down+MK Sky Stage (both players must do this)

Orchid's 90-hit Combo
Begin with the Fierce Flik Flak with the AutoDouble. Then do a Medium Flik Flak with the AutoDouble. Do another
Medium Flik Flak WITHOUT doing the autodouble then do Foward and Fierce Kick for the ForceDouble. IMMEDIATELY
afterwards go into another Medium Flik Flak. Then another ForceDouble, then another Flik Flak. Repeat this about 6 or 7
more times. After your last Medium Flik Flak, spring into the Fire Cat super linker. Do the ForceDouble again, then do the
Medium Flak again, then IMMEDIATELY go into another Fire Cat super linker. Do this until all the super energy is depleted
(a full bar yields 4 of these). After the last Flak use the 5th ender (or if you're twiddle thumbs go into the Ultra !) to make it
a 90+ hit combo. It's more than 90 but it only registers that far.

Permanent Sky Stage
Start a two-player game in Arcade mode and have both players select the Sky stage. Now kill one of them and let his
continue timer run out. You'll play the remainder of the game in the sky stage until you reach Gargos.

Play as Gargos
To play as Gargos, press Z, A, R, Z, A, B during the story intro.

Random Team Select
In either Team or Team Elimination mode, after selecting the number of team members, press and hold down on the control
pad and press start. The character boxes will show question marks and you will fight with all of your characters chosen
randomly by the computer.

Secret Stage
In two-player mode, have both player choose their fighters by holding DOWN and pressing C-DOWN. If done correctly,
you'll fight in the Secret Sky Stage with the Rare and Killer Instinct logos on the ground

Slo Mo's and Speed Ups
Almost every combo (including Ultras) can be sped up or slowed down. To make the combo end very fast, simply press the
button BEFORE you do the motions. i.e., for Jago's speed up Kick Finisher: Hold FK, half circle back, Release FK. To
make a combo ender go in slo mo: Quickly do the motion on the control pad twice before pushing the button. Again, with
Jago's Kick Finisher: half circle back, half circle back, FK. These will work on Ultra's just as well. Take a look at Orchid's
and Sabrewulf's Slo Mo!

View Ending Credits
To view the ending credits, press Z, L, A, Z, A, R during Story Mode.