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Lady Bug (Coleco Vision)

Lady Bug (Coleco Vision)
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Lady Bug for the Coleco Vision.  Based on the 1981 Universal arcade game, Lady Bug is similar to Pac-Man, but with two major differences in the play mechanics: The maze in Lady Bug has 20 turnstiles situated along the walls (as opposed to none in Pac-Man), and there are no Energizer Pills to eat, which enable you to temporarily turn the tables on your enemies in Pac-Man. Lady Bug also features letters spelling out "EXTRA," which gives you an extra Lady Bug, and "SPECIAL," which lets you play a vegetable-eating bonus round, free of enemies. In Pac-Man you can eat bouncing fruit for extra points.

The primary object of this game is to maneuver Lady Bug around the maze and eat all of the dots. You can also eat hearts for bonus points. As you move within the maze, you must avoid four predatory insects and a couple of stationary skulls. If you eat the vegetable in the center of the maze, your enemies temporarily freeze. Once you have cleared the maze of dots, you progress to the next screen.
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