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Madden '95 (Genesis)
Name: Madden '95 (Genesis)
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  • Description
    Last week our #1 wideout was lost for the season. This week our all-world rookie steps in - with off the planet speed but no hands. Under a minute & down by seven from our own 45, we go with the no-huddle against the Bears' Grizzly Attack. With the boys up front in gap protection and passing windows off, I check the tight end. He's blanketed by the zone but I see the rookie down the sideline. I make the read, fire a bullet and the kid actually hauls it in, straight arms the corner and high steps down the sideline for six. Sweet. I peel myself off the turf in time to catch him cabbage patching through the paint. Then I look to the sidelines and the man says go for two - and the win

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