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Madden NFL 2001 (PS2)

Madden NFL 2001 (PS2)
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The best-selling  football game is back to dominate with legendary Madden game play and the deepest feature set available. Think you got game? Take your skills online against the best through EA SPORTS -sponsored tournaments. Check the online ranking to see how good you really are. The exclusive NFL coaches club license brings in real coaches complete with their own signature styles and plays to add even more strategy to your game. Historical All-Madden team rosters let you match-up today's stars with the legends of the game for all-time bragging rights. Throw in an improved front end and enhanced AI and you've got the ultimate in football.

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by Tony 11 Jun 2008

Does anyone know how to challenge a call on Madden 2001 on the PS2 unit?

fanstany draft
by Greg Faltenoovich 11 Jun 2008

I am very upset at the fact in which there is no fanstany draft feature in the Playstation 2 form of the game. I wish there was one because of the sole reason that it is more enjoyable to play the game with you friends if were one.

Thank you for listening

Gregory A. Faltenovich