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Marvel vs Capcom (Dreamcast)

Marvel vs Capcom (Dreamcast)
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 When a mysterious force called the Onslaught attacks Earth, the natural reaction is to call on the heroes of Marvel and Capcom to save the planet from destruction. There are eight Capcom characters to choose from: Ryu, Captain Commando, Chun-Li, Zangief, Jin, Morrigan, Megaman, and Strider Hiryu. If you're partial to Marvel, then choose from among Captain America, Wolverine, Spider-Man, Hulk, Venom, War Machine, and Gambit. And you may get a surprise visit from any of 20 guest characters that will act as support systems in battle. Of course, no good fighting game would be complete without some secret characters, and MARVEL VS. CAPCOM is no different. The only question is, "Who will they be?" You can choose from Arcade, Versus, Survival, Training, and Cross Fever modes. Beat your opponents with style as you master the special combinations for each character and help save the Earth from the Onslaught. So bring the arcade home for hours of fighting action with MARVEL VS. CAPCOM: Clash of Super Heroes. 
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Choose from 15 characters from the entire Capcom and Marvel Universes

Includes 20 additional 'helper' characters which assist your team in times of need

Lightning fast game play and seamless animation: for the first time, experience up to four characters fighting on the screen at once

5 Modes of Game play: Arcade, Versus, Training, Survival, and Cross Fever

Cross Fever Mode allows up to four players to battle it out simultaneously in a true tag team match

Experience the world's most amazing battles between your favorite legendary Capcom characters and Super Heroes of the Marvel Universe. Play tag-team battles which until now, could only happen in your imagination. This flawless arcade translation features lightning quick and seamless animation never before possible on a 
home console.