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MaryKate and Ashley Sweet 16 Licensed to Drive (Gamecube)
Name: MaryKate and Ashley Sweet 16 Licensed to Drive (Gamecube)
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  • Description
    Get ready to party! Join Mary-Kate and Ashley for the sweetest birthday bash ever! Go cruising, earn your license and do the things you've only dreamed about... until now! Think you're ready to drive? Take our driving tests and see if you've got what it takes to get behind the wheel!


    Mary-Kate and Ashley Sweet 16 invites you to join Mary-Kate and Ashley for the sweetest birthday bash ever. Sweet 16 will offer an array of exciting features, including:

    Classic party-style games.

    Challenging driver's test that the player must pass before they can receive their license and go cruising in their sweet ride.

    Exciting mini-games like rock-climbing, jet-skiing, surfing, ATV quad racing, fashion and more.

    Collect party points to upgrade your car, unlock cool tunes and clothes, and gain control of the car stereo.


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